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Building CSOs Capacity on EU Nature-related Policies

FSC standard

Second draft of the standards

Article on Montenegro Workshop

Workshop was held in Zabljak

The main goal of the workshop and it’s results:
•increased understanding of the EU Green infrastructure concept and two of it’s constituent parts - spatial connectivity and integrated approach to land management;
•increased capacity of NGOs for effective participation in EIA directive application;
•better understanding of the habitat fragmentation issue and the need for coherance of pretected areas network.

Director of National Park „Durmitor“ Tomo Pajović opened the workshop. He emphasized in his welcome speech the importance of connectivity between NP“Durmitor“ and NP“Sutjeska“.
The Physical Plan of Montenegro until 2020 (developed in 2008) proposes an extention of NP Durmitor and it's connecting with proposed Regional park - Bio�?, Maglić and Volujak and furthermore with NP Sutjeska in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska).
The base for improving ecological connectivity between existing and planned protected areas in Montegrin part of the border zone Durmitor- Sutjeska was one of the issues of the workshop.
This connectivity can be used to demonstrate how Green infrastructure concept could be applied in Montenegro.
Expert from Biotope, leading company in ecological infrastructure, presented how the problem of habitat fragmentation is being resolved in France and in what way habitat patches can be reconnected by showing examples on the maps.
It is emphasized the role of ecological NGOs and the influence they can have in the process of EIA directive application. The point is that NGOs need to be more actively involved in ecological affairs and stimulate local inhabitants to create the critical attitude and take part in making decisions regarding environmental topics.

All presentations can be downloaded at the link below:

Ecological conections beetwen Sutjeska and Durmitor-V Buskovic


Landscape fragmentation assessment and integration of ordinary nature

NP Sutjeska

The System of the EIA Directive –Impact Assessment and Public Participation


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